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How fast can you find all hidden words?

Do you love word search games? Then the graphically updated version of the classic word search game is just the right app for you! New and infinite individual puzzles are generated in eight different levels of difficulty. This game is suitable for both young people and adults, thanks to its varying levels of difficulty and easy usability. Over 500 images are hidden in the puzzles!

  • Multilingual: Search for words that describe the images in German 🇩🇪, English 🇺🇸, French 🇫🇷, and Spanish 🇪🇸. Perfect for those who want to learn new words in other languages.
  • Various Categories: The images in the puzzles come from categories such as food, animals, transportation, household appliances, colors, sports, and more. No game is the same!
  • Versatile Search: The words must be searched not only horizontally and vertically but also diagonally and backwards. A real challenge!
  • Help Function: If you don't know which word describes the picture, simply click on the image to display the searched word.
  • Competition: Play on the go or compete online with your friends by measuring the time it takes you to find all the pictures.
  • Ad-Free: Unlock the app to play without ads.

How does the game work?

Mark the descriptive word of a picture, and it will be removed from the list. The game is finished once you have found all the hidden words.

Pics2Words is a free word search game that was completely redesigned in 2024. Download it now and enjoy endless puzzle fun!

🔓 Ad-Free Playing: You can unlock this app to play without ads.

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