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Cute Animal & Slingshot Puzzle

Hurry up! The hungry red panda is starving! Feed him fruit and vegetables (e.g. a watermelon)! But it will not be that easy! Exciting hurdles and tricky obstacles await you in funny puzzle adventure worlds and your logic, skill and patience are needed! A free and funny slingshot and panda game for every occasion - requires no internet or wifi!

Game Features
  • Different puzzle adventure worlds including numerous levels
  • Tricky obstacles and special tools in each world
  • Multiple solutions in each level game
  • Successfully complete a level to unlock new levels
  • Collect stars depending on speed and tools used
  • Train your logic, skill and patience in this slingshot casual game
  • Requires no internet or wifi

This free and casual slingshot and cute animal game offers you numerous levels in different puzzle adventure worlds! In each world, individual tools such as slingshot, bouncer, air pump or balloon are at your disposal.

Thrilling obstacles and tricky hurdles, such as wooden crates, stone blocks or tree trunks with spikes, await you in this exciting panda game! Use your logic and skill, because there are several possible solutions in each level of this slingshot casual game!

Use every opportunity! The faster you finish a level game and the less tools you need, the more stars you get!

Feed the hungry red panda fruit and vegetables (e.g. a watermelon)! If you fail to overcome the obstacles in a level game, the poor red panda will start crying!

This funny, casual and cute animal game is perfect for practising your logic, skill and patience at every opportunity! Overcome tricky obstacles with the help of numerous tools in various puzzle adventure worlds! Feed the hungry red panda fruit and vegetables (e.g. a watermelon) and save him with fruit and vegetables!

This exciting panda game requires your logic, skill and patience but no internet or wifi! Start the free and cute animal game now and don't let the poor red panda starve!

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